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Discover the potential of the digital tachograph!

Due to eDownload function, the digital tachograph data is also available online to the carriers, regardless of where their vehicles are staying, whether in domestic or foreign field. It is now available to download quickly and conveniently the legal 28 days digital tachograph data from all over Europe. Thus, the transport capacity and vehicle utilization can be increased, given that the vehicles are not removed from the market, because even during work it is possible to remotely access the tachograph data. Hence, by using eTachograph the fleet operators can achieve cost savings, and may gain more assignments while on the way home. Due to the miles saved they may operate green and energy-efficient.


The unique innovation of eTachograph is the eControl function, which is the solution for international transport difficulties, such as the optimal use of driving time. By using eControl, fleet operators can monitor the remaining driving and resting time of the drivers. Besides monitoring the remaining driving and resting time, the software allows to precisely register the work and time spent on standby, which can be quickly and easily accessible in real-time, on both the dispatcher and the driver's side as well. The eControl function helps to quickly calculate the freight task optimum implementation and execution, since provided the real-time data, such as the remaining driving time - in accordance with statutory requirements, daily, weekly and monthly breakdown. The eTachograph information can be used for calculating wage records or other administrative tasks.

Our eTachograph service is available under the most favorable conditions in the MAX service package, as the initial package price includes it, also the PRO service package contains it as additional solution on request. The eDownload and eControl functions are available together and independently as well.

Our eTachograph service offers a flexible solution for different needs.

Existing customers using the service, may require to exchange their device. After we perform an inspection of the existing assets, we offer unique proposals to every client.

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