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WebEye International is also honored by HITA

WebEye International won the HITA (Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency) Exporter of the Year Award in the Regional Strategist category. As HITA’s press release reveals the Award was established last year and the competitors were domestic micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Last year WebEye International won the Export Services Special Award, and now is awarded in the category of Regional Strategy Award.

HITA (Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency) honored only the best domestic exporter companies and the event took place for second time. Peter Szijjártó who is the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, gave out the awards to those domestic micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that possess self-produced products and their export activities greatly contribute to the development of Hungarian economy and prosper in their operating sector through their business activities .

Real role models are the Hungarian companies, especially those whose performance were honored by HITA. The winners were entitled to use the trademark 2013. Exporter of the Year Award, special attention is given to the HITA website and HITA foreign language professional publications, thus supporting further expansion of export.

Six categories were announced in the competition and 93 Companies submitted applications, which means altogether 128 applications. In the evaluation process the ERGO (European Regional Organization), the Hungarian Foreign Trade Association and HITA experts were participated.

Peter Szijjártó Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Secretary in his greeting speech stressed that “the key objective of the government is to increase the SMEs export share. While 73 % of the total national employment is in the sector, the share of export is only 23%. The government launched the program of foreign market success for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to expand export. The program emphasizes to bring alive government owned merchant houses abroad, and provide the support of experts for SMEs and promote developing a higher quality import and organizes targeted foreign market road shows.”

The winner of Conscious Exporter Award this year is the developer of innovative, Hungarian software company: Loxon Solutions Ltd., a highly successful organization in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, specialized in bank loan and risk management software solutions.

The Lowest Highest Exporter Award went to the Admatis Ltd, with a total number of 10 employees, an aerospace engineering company specialized in the development of aerospace engineering tools.

The Regional Strategist category winner was the 100 % Hungarian owned WebEye International Ltd., which is a member of the Lambda -Com Group, specialized in transport IT across Europe, providing self-developed GPS-based vehicle tracking services.

The Leading Exporter category winner in 2013 is Naturtex Toll Processing Ltd, specialized in home textiles manufacturing and trading of wool.

The Innovative Exporter category winner is 3DHISTECH, a leader in digital pathology market. First time the Successful Female Exporter Award was given to Borbíró Gertrude Managing Director of Cosmed Ltd., specialized in cosmetic products manufacturing and trading.

Source: www.hita.hu