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What WebEye offers you?

  • The basis of the WebEye solution is the up-to-date, reliably operating GPS- based vehicle tracking. The services and functions available for users – thanks to a decade of developer and market-building activity– have today by far gone beyond the frames of standard vehicle tracking.
  • WebEye is the tool for efficient operation and thorough control, an essential telematics solution for companies striving for transparent operation, independent of their scope of activities. The system helps companies with a vehicle fleet establish the necessary transparency for managing their activities.
  • The real-time monitoring of vehicles and the fast and efficient communication with the drivers result a higher quality in performing transport planning tasks. The useful allocation of costly resources increases dramatically, while ‘non-paid’ vehicle use and work time, which only serve movement and generate losses, decrease radically.
  • For companies that work with vehicles, reducing fuel use is a mission requiring constant planning and creative ideas. Our fuel monitoring solutions provide fuel consumption data, which may result considerable cost savings, while our temperature measurement and controlling technology guarantees that the transportation circumstances of refrigerated goods are documented. Our several easily-attached sensor devices and intelligent alarm response procedures help meet the safety and security requirements of professional transportation on an outstanding level.
  • With the use of the WebEye solution, you can turn your company into a more valuable, more efficient and successful one, and by displaying the events related to vehicles, drivers or the carried goods you can make your fleet management activity more up-to-date and competitive.
  • Our applications extend your office virtually, with the help of the data coming in from your resources in motion, your stationary activities and the supporting IT applications can be synchronised, united.
  • Through measuring and transmitting vehicle diagnostic data, keeping contact with the maintenance network becomes much easier. Maintenance becomes more precise and efficient based on parameters reflected in the transferred data, thus protecting the condition of the vehicles and extending their lifespan.
  • WebEye can be the connecting link between the sender of the goods and the destinations, the operations centres and drivers, the vehicles, goods and the responsible organizations or persons. It supports vehicle monitoring and the complex process of transport management with state-of-the-art telematics devices and multilevel integration.
  • WebEye is a reliable partner for hauliers, freight forwarders and companies operating vehicle fleets, with the use of our solutions, you can earn professional acknowledgement and prestige among partners, customers and competitors.
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